Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Ready

I’m Ready
For the last few weeks I’ve been working on getting my music online and available to the public. It has been quite a ride of both frustration and excitement. It has taken a lot of work and time but I can finally say that I’m on my way (moving forward) and I’m pursuing my dreams while still maintaining “life” as best I can. Just yesterday I recorded a few videos of my songs and got them posted up on YouTube. Of course they are just home videos but what the heck, at least it’s a start. One of my favorite songs is one that I haven’t had time to record the background music. The words really fit this blog so I went ahead and recorded an acapella video for the time being. I’d like to think of it as my new theme song for this blog. The words go something like this:

Titled “I’m Ready” by Dorinda Walters
Verse 1
Here I go now leavin everything behind me
Here I go now get ready for the change (2x)
Chorus –
Yes I’m ready walking in a new direction
Ready, yes I’m ready for the change
Yes I’m ready, walking in a new direction
Ready, yes I’m ready for the change
I’m not looking back
I’ve got my eyes on the horizon
I’m not looking back
The future’s straight ahead (2x)
Get ready for get ready for the change
Get ready for get ready for the change
Get ready for get ready for the change
Get ready for ready for the change
Verse 4
Train is leavin
It’s headed for its destination
Train is leavin
You better get on board (2x)
Bridge 2
No one’s gonna stop me
I’m not goin back
No one’s gonna stop me
I’m not comin back (2X)
Bridge 1 -

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I believe

I wrote a song a couple of years ago soon after going through a divorce. Starting life over when your almost 40 with two teenage daughters to raise and my credit shot to pieces was not a comforting scenario. Especially considering this was my second failed marriage. I felt like I had wasted 20 years of my life on two men that couldn’t control their “urges”.  I always thought I’d be married for life to one person but unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way. So instead of drowning in all the garbage, I decided to focus on all the blessings that have been graciously given to me.
First of all, I realized that the last 20 years were not wasted years at all. I have grown from a fragile young girl into a mature confidant woman and learned so many irreplaceable, life lessons during that time. I also have two of the most beautiful daughters a woman could ever ask for. And I don’t just mean outer beauty. Both my girls have a heart of gold and love the Lord. From the time I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to be was a mommy and I wanted two girls. Well God definitely fulfilled that desire.
Sometimes in a negative situation, it’s hard to shift into a positive attitude. It takes plenty of will power, the grace of God and a lot of focus.(2 Cor. 10 vs. 5) If you dwell on the circumstances around you, you’ll easily sink into a dark place. I learned that the facts about a situation aren’t necessarily the truth.For instance, the fact was that I was rejected, betrayed etc. etc. but the truth is (from a spiritual perspective) that He (The Lord) will never abandon or forsake me, He loves and cares for me, and that I am His Beloved. When you get a hold of that, it WILL change your perspective. I literally had to speak the Word of God (truth) over and over to change my mindset. It worked and the peace of God then ruled over my spirit and gave me rest. I really don’t know how I could have coped with the pain without my Father in heaven. No one is immune to pain, but with God there is a definite sense of peace and hope.
There were several songs birthed during that time of disaster - which is a good thing. Creativity flows best when emotions are high. So now that you know a piece of my story, maybe you’ll understand the inspiration for some of my songs. The song that I mentioned in the beginning goes a little something like this –
I Believe    (Dorinda Walters)
Here I go again on my own
Walking down this road all alone
And even though I may not know
Or understand this place
I wake up with a smile on my face
Cause I believe in love
And I believe in miracles
And I believe that one day I’ll see
Some one here smiling back at me
Yes I believe – I believe
Waking up from this dream
Holding on for things unseen
Every day I hope and pray
And wake up to the sun
Get ready for my life it’s just begun
Cause I believe in love
And I believe in miracles
And I believe that one day I’ll see
Some one here smiling back at me
Yes I believe – Yes I believe
I believe in love and miracles (repeat)
I believe in love I believe in love I believe in love (repeat)
CHORUS looped with bridge
Sometimes I just can’t conceive
All this mess that’s happened to me
Like what we had was good and bad
I think about what might have been
But this time I’m awake
My eyes are WIDE OPEN
And I believe in love
And I believe in miracles
Yes I believe that one day I’ll see
Some one here smiling back at me
Yes I believe Yes I believe

Friday, August 5, 2011

Up and Running

I'm so excited. I finally have got my music up and going online and available for sale!!! Thanks so much for all the help from my awesome web coach, Mark Hansen. This is definitely one of those big moments and a huge step in my "moving forward" zone. Yippee. Here is a link to my first online song.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aaaahhhhh.... I'm so frustrated. I've been trying to upload some of my songs so that I can begin to share them and I've been at it for hours with out getting anywhere. I've got to change all the formats which I have no idea on how to do that - and everything I try is miserably failing. Sometimes, I HATE computers. God did not bless me with a technical brain. Any computer geniuses out there? My computer (brain)  is about to crash! That's probably what I should do. Good night and hopefully I'll wake up with with some bright ideas.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crop Circles

So apparently the latest explanation for crop circles is that Wallabies are getting stoned on poppies and running in circles creating "crop circles" . Wow that is the lamest and silliest one I've heard yet. There must be some amazing and creative wallabies out there. I wonder if someone is secretly paying them to make these incredible crop circles??? Hmmmm....
Gotta love our news media. That's all I'm saying.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Last night I was talking to my childhood friend and we were discussing our lives and how much we both have had to overcome and survive.  She reminded me that life can only get better from here, and that I always seem to float back to the top no matter how many times I’ve been sunk. Then we laughed and came up with the word “bobber”. Well it’s better than floater. Only by the grace of God can we pick ourselves up and become bobbers. I’ve become a good lil bobber. Up and down so many times, surviving this crazy world.  Just remember, when you get to the top, take a big breath of fresh air!  See you at the top. Hmm... sounds like the beginning of a new song.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moving Forward

  Last Sunday at church, my pastor asked the congregation a pointed question; " Are you walking in your God given annointing?" So I had to ask myself;  am I using the gifts and talents God has given me, or am I so busy doing everything else that I forget about Gods specific calling? Sadly the answer left me feeling a bit guilty. I feel like I've wasted so much time just getting by that I've missed out on all the fun and joy of just being me. Sounds silly but so true. When I sing, write songs, or just sit down to play the piano, I feel so satisfied. Why is it always the last thing I have time for? Well I am on a pursuit to change the direction of my life. I want to shift my focus and creatively find new ways to use my talents. This blog is just the beginning of this "moving forward". I want to encourage everyone reading this to take a moment and ponder the same question my pastor asked, and then allow God to show you and direct your life path for His Glory.