Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moving Forward

  Last Sunday at church, my pastor asked the congregation a pointed question; " Are you walking in your God given annointing?" So I had to ask myself;  am I using the gifts and talents God has given me, or am I so busy doing everything else that I forget about Gods specific calling? Sadly the answer left me feeling a bit guilty. I feel like I've wasted so much time just getting by that I've missed out on all the fun and joy of just being me. Sounds silly but so true. When I sing, write songs, or just sit down to play the piano, I feel so satisfied. Why is it always the last thing I have time for? Well I am on a pursuit to change the direction of my life. I want to shift my focus and creatively find new ways to use my talents. This blog is just the beginning of this "moving forward". I want to encourage everyone reading this to take a moment and ponder the same question my pastor asked, and then allow God to show you and direct your life path for His Glory.

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  1. Great point to ponder. I do so many things that I sometimes lose sight of the most basic things including my relationship with the Father. I'm working on that.